Updating nintendo wii without internet

All in, the startup process from turning the Wii U on for the first time to actually playing a game was over hour and a half for me. Attempting to open Nintendo TVii, Amazon Instant Video, or You Tube will get you a series of different error messages.Nintendo TVii will tell you that the feature is not available until December, while Amazon Instant and You Tube will just hang as though there’s a software update inbound that will activate these two apps. Tucked away in the Messages app is a brief note explaining that the Wii U you just bought isn’t quite done yet.Looking on the bright side, once you have gotten past this initial headache the Wii U is going to offer a great gaming experience to users who have been looking for Nintendo to approach an older audience without compromising on being a family focused console.

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I think you can also download Updates using a Wi Fi hotspot on your phone if you have enough data.

While it is true that no one explicitly stated that Nintendo TVii would be available at launch, it’s been a heavily marketed feature.

Even the sales reps for the Nintendo Midnight Launch event at my local Game Stop had no idea.

After you’ve connected all the hardware and charged the Game Pad, you’ll be asked to pair the controller to the Wii U.

Tap the red buttons on both the console and the controller, type the sync code presented on the TV into the controller, and you’re done.

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