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Continuous learning opportunities should be used to obtain training in core competencies, maintain critical acquisition skills and obtain agency specific training.

Review the general guidance on continuous learning.

continuous learning modules (CLMs) are self-paced online training assets available “on demand” 24/7.

Most take 1-2 hours to complete, but a few can take up to 9 hours.

Back to Top How many Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) do I need?

Students are given an unlimited number of chances to get a 100% on the final test.

distance learning (DL) courses are structured much the same way as CLMs.

To maintain your FAC-C or FAC-PPM, you must earn eighty (80) CLPs every two years.

To maintain your FAC-COR, you must earn forty (40) CLPs every two years (with the exception of Level I CORs, who only require 8 CLPs every two years).

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