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This Time Table is based on the 1987/8 Passenger and Freight WTTs.

All the "Q Runs as Required" traffic is running and some additional trains have been added.

Class 1 Euston trains were Push Pull with the loco at the North end and made up from 10/11 Mk 2 coaches or 9 Mk 3 coaches plus a Driving Van Trailer. There were still some loco hauled Sleeper and Mail trains which spent time in the station in the early hours,some of which attached or detached coaches or vans.

Cross Country services were a mixture of HSTs and loco hauled. Tyseley DMU depot maintained various heritage diesel MUs.

The earliest timetable for Barnham produced so far!

Back to a era of pure steam only, the timetable is compiled from platform working and signal box documents for Barnham and Ford with locomotives allocated from information of the era.

In most cases, expresses heading southwards to Bournemouth over the steeply-graded S&D line required double heading.

Many classes of engines could be seen, hauling coaches packed with families from the cities of the Midlands and North distant parts of Britain heading for their holiday on the south coast.

Even the Class 37s make an appearance on some freight duties.The one thing I have endeavoured to do is to show all servicesfor the year in question.That brings me to the Basingstoke - Alton Light Railway, opened in 1901, closed in 1917, surprisingly reopened 1924, but finally closed to passengers 1932. The Branch line diverged just to the west of the Basingstoke West Box and in 1909 had 6 passenger services each way plus 3 goods services.One of the many interesting features is the inclusion of the banking locos which were used for all goods trains departing on the Somerset & Dorset line.This timetable is compiled from the Birmingham New St arrival and departure book dated from and BR working TT section CC dated 8 July 1991 to .

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