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It was voted by the readers here as the favourite new scooter for 2014, so hopefully Honda is just be reducing inventory or prepping a new variant.

The Burgman 400 was in Suzuki’s original lineup when they returned to North American in 2003.

Honda is also going to start producing a serious electric scooter.

They revised their popular PCX design to come up an electric version that is uncreatively called….PCX Electric.

Unfortunately Honda hasn’t started with a clean sheet design here, so they’ve had to stuff the batteries in under the seat which cuts the storage space.

Honda has actually teamed up with Yamaha on the battery side of this, so they’re using standardized and swappable batteries that are supposed to be compatible with a range of Honda and Yamaha machines in the years to come.

For 2017, six of the nine major manufacturers we cover here are returning last years models unchanged or reduced (The Blur 220 was first offered with a 150 motor from 2006 - 2007 before returning with an extra 70cc from 2010 to 2016, so it’s an aging design and it’s no surprise to see it dropped.

The Forza was only introduced in 2014 and it’s been a popular scooter, so hopefully we’ll see it return for 2018.

This week Honda quietly announced the 2017 editions of their 50cc models: the Ruckus and Metropolitan (known as the Giorno in Canada).Honda has clearly finished updating the Ruckus and it’ll probably just live on until sales reach a certain point.It is still a great scooter - now entering classic territory - and seems reasonably popular.As the previous owner of both black and white Ruckus’s, I agree these are nice shade but I’m still partial to my 2008 shade of silver.All the year by year color options can be viewed on the Ruckus page.

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