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It is unclear whether Conway's "Aqua Buddha" ad is a bridge too far, or whether it will convince Kentuckians that Paul is a bridge too far. It's worth noting that most of this tightening comes from Paul's numbers falling, rather than Conway's numbers improving.

9/30/10 -- Some recent polls have shown a closer race here, including a Survey USA poll that shows Paul with just a two-point lead.

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I wanted to do things with Bobby, but as the show went on, I could see I wasn't going to get that chance....After witnessing Senator Jim Bunning’s near-defeat at the hands of then-obscure state Senator Dan Mongiardo in 2004 and Governor Ernie Fletcher’s disastrous re-election campaign in 2007, Republicans succeeded in convincing Bunning not to seek re-election. On the Democratic side, Lieutenant Governor Mongiardo lost to Attorney General Jack Conway.On the Republican side, Secretary of State Trey Grayson was badly beaten by libertarian upstart Rand Paul.The 1st and 2nd Districts are (roughly) the Jackson Purchase and Pennyrile areas of the state, which vote like the Deep South.The 3rd and 6th Districts represent urban Louisville and greater Lexington, while the 4th District is the Republican Cincinnati and Louisville suburbs.

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