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I found myself saying "Wouldn't it be great if there was an App that lets your Iphone be a camera that can be displayed on my new Ipad? It seems like it would be an easy fix for the developer (hint..hint).Mean while I will continue us use this app because it work.She's hot and she's ready to make you feel special and hard.A perfect 10 model with stunning body and gorgeous face is what most men wants. She still had the lithe, supple form of a young lady. no longer a girl — but if you were to see her, you would understand my mistake.There is a bug that occurs when trying to connect two i Phones to one i Pad and I think that there should be support for two video feeds going to one i Pad. What I wanted to use it for was to have my wife hold the iphone, point it at my trailer hitch while I back up to our travel trailer. I have since made a bracket that attaches to my bupper and gets a pretty good view.

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Unlike other services, the user on the other end has to accept your chat request to begin the conversation. Transmits Live stream from i Phone Camera on i Pad screen!Use as a surveillance camera, baby monitor or just to impress your friends!I made this website because firstly I dont leave the house much, and since I'm new to my school, and area, I don't know many people especially GIRLS.Don't wait any longer and go check her while she's online right now!

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