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When she understood where we were, she just gave me one of her withering stares then rolled her eyes without saying anything.

We cruised back and forth with the windows down just getting the feel of the street and talking about the sights and characters we came across.

Sarah is a beautiful brunette 5'6" in height and weighing 122 pounds with perfect C cup breasts that sit high on her chest.

Her hair is coal black and has a deep luster that accents perfectly her dark brown eyes and creamy complexion.

To finish off the look, she had 4" pink platform shoes that raised her and accented her taut butt.

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We met during our studies in the MBA program of a major university in the south and got married shortly after graduation."Sarah, I want to pick you up." I blurted out as quickly as possible to overcome my nervousness. "I want to drive up to you on the street corner and pick you up like that man picked up that girl." I explained. Without saying a word she opened the door and stepped out.I watched her incredible ass in the tiny mini move down the sidewalk towards the corner before doing a U-turn and taking the street I knew would lead me down the street where she would be standing.Sarah was very quiet watching this scene unfold and when the young lady entered I saw her chest rise with an intake of breath and I swear her nipples also hardened. We drove around for several more minutes in silence watching more of the erotic scene play out around us. But, knowing her as I did, I knew she really wanted to be convinced it was okay. Sarah never responded and just leaned back into the seat back and stared straight ahead.My thoughts were racing and I was about to explode from sexual tension. By her look, I knew she understood full well what I meant but wanted me to describe it to her. I turned off the main street sharply and took several side streets to get into a position where Sarah had only to walk about fifty yards to reach a street corner that was currently deserted.

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