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If you shop at, would you please visit there through this link?We’ll get a small commission on your purchase(s), which helps support this newsletter.One of the most-used provincial parks, Gregoire Lake was hit hard by the 2016 Fort Mc Murray wildfire, and repairs are taking far longer than expected.

Motorhomes can drive in the HOV lane as long as it’s occupied by two or more people during the posted morning and afternoon rush hours.” Bet you’ll still get plenty of dirty looks from car drivers. C.) has reopened, ten months after Hurricane Matthew tore up the beach.

You’ll pay the exact same price as clicking directly to Amazon. For more than 16 years, our staff has worked hard to bring you a valuable newsletter every Saturday. for mailing if you win) or your entry will be disqualified and we’ll choose the next (correct) entry. Compared to sales in June 2016, Class A units decreased 0.3 percent, while Class C rigs pushed ahead nearly 26 percent, making motorhomes advance 13 percent.

Please consider bookmarking this page for your future purchases. I’m parked beside the Coeur d’Alene River along I-90 near Kellogg, Idaho. * * * , when most of you read this newsletter, Gail and I will be in Yellowstone National Park for the day. If you don’t already have your Lifetime Senior Pass from the National Park Service make sure to get it before the new price increase on August 28, when the price will jump from to . Readers help make it possible with their voluntary subscriptions. The driver of this motorhome was turning it around in a Eugene, Oregon, cul-de-sac last Saturday at about 1 p.m. The home security camera of Kristine Swinson caught the driver smashing into two cars as he turned, then driving off: a hit-and-run crime. Contest ends Sunday at noon (Pacific), at which time a winner will be selected by The huge rise in Class C unit sales is attributed to RV rental agencies picking up new stock. Maricopa County has your number — and they’re willing to play with theirs to get you to visit.

Merrihew then asked a manager for the keys to a rig parked out front. Perfect for full-timers and permanently parked RVs. If some prefer RVing to cruise-line-going for fear of catching norovirus, you may hang up your keys.

When pressed for a reason, Merrihew first told employees he was a police officer, then pulled a gun and took the manager hostage. Merrihew took flight and was eventually located and put under arrest. Camp Eberhart, near Three Rivers, Ill., had to be shut down late in July after nearly 50 guests and staff turned up sick with what was believed to be norovirus, which causes nausea, vomiting, watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, and in some cases, loss of taste.

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