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He created them male and female But look, I’m not so silly (nor was my adolescence so pure) as to suppose that young men aren’t aware that young women are different from them. It’s an awareness that comes aware of, sadly, is that along with the physical changes, there have been certain internal mental and emotional changes taking place in young women as well.It used to be said that young women were looking for marriage, while young men were looking for sex.Yes, I have to tell them, young men can be spectacularly foolish.And yes, it is true, females just mature faster than males.What’s strange is not so much that the rules of respect have been dispensed with – it’s hard in the best of circumstances to keep a reign on adolescent male hormonal rage.What’s strange is that these rules weren’t done away with by men – even young men – but largely . Did they really believe that by making young men open doors for young women, they were encouraging young men to think that young women couldn’t open doors for themselves?Do such people imagine that young men in those days thought that young women, upon coming to a door, merely stood there helpless until a man could come along to open the door for her? I remember as a child being told by my rather “old-fashioned” mother that I should hold a door open for a lady. “They can open the door for themselves.” “That’s not the point,” she gently scolded.

Nothing aggravates the young women I meet more than the fact that the young men in their lives don’t know how to date. This probably isn’t the best training for a future as an adult man in an adult marriage with an adult woman – something which requires virtues like , the willingness to pitch in and help, and the ability to put others before oneself.

Those were principles of behavior that used to be instilled in young women by their mothers.

Now I fear the culture-at-large is more interested in teaching young women to use their “sexuality” as a source of power over men.

For some reason, women tend to get offended when you shove them around, yell at them, and tell them how stupid their ideas are.

Strange, I know, but it’s just a fact of life, so we’d better get young men used to it early, or we’ll find them, as we find them so often today, utterly baffled as to why so many young women in their lives are offended and upset all the time.

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