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You know where this is all leading in terms of your seduction--your Sagittarius lover would al fresco.

If treating her to perfume, get her a modern oriental or something of musk and subtly sexual. Another idea would be to give her a gift certificate for a new hairstyle by a famous hairdresser she`s read about in her favorite fashion magazine.

Say something detracting about a Leo`s child and you will get a glimpse of the mighty lion`s temper.

This intense sign will insist on being the one in control, but surrendering to a Scorpio can be divine rapture.

She has a lyrical speaking voice that soothes and comforts you, and she could even have a talented singing voice (Barbara Streisand is a Taurus).

Suggest you go swimming, play tennis or do any sport where you can keep up your end fairly well.

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